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In a Nutshell

LearningEasy provide teachers an ability to create, distribute and sell their self-created course materials online. It provide teachers an option to use the platform as a learning Management System where they get all the features of the 21st century technological tools especially designed to help them excel in their teaching skills. The platform also provide teachers an access to thousands of open educational resources aiming to foster the educational experience for both the teachers and students. Moreover, the platform uses strong analytics to provide teachers an insight to each individual student's educational needs in order to foster personalized learning experience.

As a company, our core focus is on improving Teacher and Student Learning Experience, tackling and providing solutions to the problems and issues faced by them while learning and studying digital content. We do that through our interactive digital learning platform that is useful, efficient and easy to use giving us a cutting edge over other LMSs.
The platform also acts as a marketplace for teachers to buy and sell education materials from each other. This provide a unique opportunity for teachers to monetize on their hard work. More interestingly, Schools and Districts can use our platform to offer their educational materials to other Schools and Districts.

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Humans are social beings. So why study alone? Collaborate with your peers, using LearningEasy Collaboration features. Share notes, discuss trending topics and a lot more.

As an institute, you focus on students. Leave Infrastructure to us.

We take security very seriously. LearningEasy provides multi-layered security features to keep your content safe and secure.

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